• What to Do If You Got Pulled over for a DUI Offense

    Have you been arrested because of offending the DUI state laws? If you have been arrested for this offense for the first time, then you probably don't have a clue on what to do. DUI or Driving Under the Influence of either drugs or alcohol may be a misdemeanor crime if you just got caught and you were not involved in an accident, but it can cause you some serious inconveniences if you don't know the right approach on to getting yourself off this case! This is the moment when you will definitely appreciate hiring a Los Angeles DUI lawyer at by checking out the Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Pros website at http://laduipros.org/ so you have someone knowledgeable about handling legal procedures following your DUI arrest.

    There are actually two types of DUI cases, and these are Felony DUI or Misdemeanor DUI. The difference between these two types of DUI offenses is that the Felony DUI would involve being arrested for different scenarios like: accidentally injuring someone else because you were driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, being caught offending the DUI state laws after a few misdemeanor cases, or if you got arrested while having a record of a felony DUI in the last 10 years. The misdemeanor DUI however, is plainly getting caught offending the DUI without any prior DUI misdemeanors.

    Getting caught for DUI, even when you it's a misdemeanor case can have serious consequences as the States in the US are pushing to lessen the cases of DUI arrests, so if in the event that you got arrested for offending the DUI laws and you decide not to hire the services of a DUI attorney, then you might end up getting the maximum sentence based on the type of DUI offense that you have committed. The best thing to do when you get arrested for DUI is to start by exercising your rights and to stay silent even when the officer would insist on asking where you came from and what you have been drinking. You have to make sure that you wait for your DUI attorney before saying anything as these may be used as evidence against you when you get to your DMV hearing. The next thing that you should always remember when it comes to DUI arrests is that the legal way of doing a breath test and giving a blood sample is to do all of those after you have been arrested. If you were asked to do these tests before they officially arrest you, then that is already considered an irregularity and the samples taken from you can never be used in court as it is illegally obtained.
    Lastly, always insist on having getting your lawyer to represent you! This is important in order to avoid getting harsh penalties if ever you are really guilty of committing a DUI offense, and also if you are innocent and you want to prove that you have not committed DUI.

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